Hi folks, I am currently looking at the Bad Dawg molded roof, it looks like it has some rain channels around the front, read and sides that may prevent rain from dripping inside by forcing it to the four corners. Does anyone have one and do those channels work. Also for those of you that have roofs made of metal do you have issues with the rain dropping into the cab if you are parked? I have been using a Tite Top soft roof, but being a paraplegic it is very difficult for me to get it on and off by myself. I had a brain cramp after the last week of riding the Paiute trail and left it on and drove home from Marysvale Utah to West Jordan Utah with the top on the machine, it did not survive the long distance much of which was at 80 mph. I appreciate your advice and sharing your thoughts, the Tite Top was well made and they warn you not to trailer with it on for long distances, I would buy another, but it will be just better to put a top on and leave it on.