Yes, I received them while I was on my trip. Just getting to a point to where I felt good enough to install them. Did that this weekend.

Real pleased with the quality of the doors. Heavy canvas and plastic. Should hold up good.

Installation was pretty easy. Had to remove the roof to get easier access to the top roll bar. Good heavy duty Velcro straps and placed in the right places to pull it tight. One of the brackets on the full tilt wind shield I have was in the way, but was able to cut and trim the strap as needed and still have plenty holding it on. There are ten snaps on each side that have to be screwed into the side of the Commander's body. On the drivers side, there are two snaps that need to be installed right where the air intake in located. If you go up high enough so that the canvas does not cover the intake, it leaves too much slack in the canvas. I installed it as close as I could and will need to fold the canvas up to the snaps and sew it back to it's self. I have the aluminum rock sliders installed with the Can Am name cut out in it. One of the snaps fall right in the cuts outs for the Can am. I will need to fold the corner under and reinstall a new snap above the cut outs. Other than that all else went good.

I drove it this morning to my dealer to have my turn signal kit and the multi mount kit installed. It was 26 deg. when I drove it over. You can fell a little air moving thru the cab, but not much at all. I didn't go far enough for the engine to heat up and start to warm up the cab. But I think it should do real nice when I get a chance to test it out for a while.

Over all, I'm very pleased with the doors and think they are worth the cost.