Just a Little water!!!!!!
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Just a Little water!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Just a Little water!!!!!! within the Off-Topic Discussions forums, part of the General Forums category; Weekend ride the snorkel kit failed me and she took in water no tire spin, water was a lil chilly!!...

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    DefaultJust a Little water!!!!!!

    Weekend ride the snorkel kit failed me and she took in water no tire spin, water was a lil chilly!!

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    Haha....your own mini-tsunami!!.....how fun

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    Perhpas you may have some advice for me, I just posted the below:

    Hi everyone, well today was a bad day... I managed to submerge my "brand new" 1000xt underwater, well partly anyway.

    The xt was leaned over on the right side and I am sure the water did not go in the CVT filter point as that is on the left side and this was out of the water.

    The engine was running and then i think water got down the exhaust and stalled the engine out, when we managed to pull it out a lot of water came out of the exhaust, I tried to start it but i just get a click from the starter when i push the button and a message stating faulty PPS or PPM I can't remember which I will need to check again.

    Once I got it out of the water the air filter was soaking wet and the air box full of water until I took the drain plug off underneath and drained the water out.

    The manual states if it becomes submerged in water it needs to go to a authorised Can-Am dealer, that's great it states that with almost everything!!!!

    It does mention a restart procedure, however at the moment the starter is just clicking, I am wondering if the whole vehicle will just dry out.

    Anyway can you all give me some advice on what i should do, I just don't want to get into shipping to the dealer if i don't have to.

    Please help a man in distress


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    It might be hydraulic locked with water in the cylinders, Take the spark plugs out and see if it turns over, You might of hurt the starter if you kept trying it, So turn the engine over with a allen wrench or by turning the clutch., . You probably need to change the oils.

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    X2. Take the plug out and if it will turn over with the starter do it with the plug out, this will blow any water stuck in the engine. But get this done because you dont want water sitting in there because thing can rust up in no time.

    I would also take off the CVT cover and get any water out (it is fairly easy and you can just watch Airdam video on clutch removal to see how). The exhaust for the CVT is just in front of the bed above the exhaust pipe. So if you got in 3 feet it was under water.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VPamFVmhpc&sns=em"]Clutch removal by Airdam[/ame]

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    Is it little water...!!! Wow.. I fill all this in my small cup.. you don't worry friend.......
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