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  1. Suspension and Steering
    I've got a 2013 1000XT and I was looking to upgrade to gas shocks. There are several different brands out there, Elka, Fox, Walker Evans, King, ect. All of which I am finding are very pricey so I'm hoping for a little input before I bite the bullet. If anyone has any feedback, good or bad, I...
  2. Engines, Drivelines, and Maintenance
    has any one installed a good mudder clutch kit if so how much dose it help or is it a waste of $ should i just go with Air dam I have heard good things about them. I ride lots of bush trail that requires going slow and lots of skeg, mud holes and river crossing on my trap line
  3. Member's Rides
    Dale from Dalton Industries sent me a few pictures of their Commander. For those of you who don't know Dale, he is a great guy and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to CVT clutching! If you need to contact him, he is on this site: Can-Am Commander Forums: Can-Am SSV Commander Forum -...
1-3 of 3 Results