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  1. Suspension and Steering
    For those of you who had the chance to drive the Commander, how did the suspension work out? With the trailing arm setup it looks like the machine would handle pretty nice! Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the opportunity to test one prior to its release to the public, so I am very...
  2. General Tech and Discussions
    So who will be purchasing the new Can-Am Commander?
  3. General Tech and Discussions
    Now that Can-Am's new Commander has been released, was there anything you wanted to see this machine have or anything you did not? I must admit, I thought we would have seen some sort of power / electric assist steering system...not saying it is good or bad, just would have thought it would...
  4. General Tech and Discussions
    Can-Am Commander Engineering Overview Part I: Can-Am Commander Engineering Overview Part II:
1-4 of 4 Results