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  1. Audio, Communications, and GPS
    Hi, I own a Can am Commander 1000 xt 2012 model, if I bought a limited edition dashboard, could I install a Garmin Montanna 650t? Is the commander 1000 xt wired for the gps? Thanks.
  2. Product Reviews, Write-Up's, and How-To's
    First Look Garmin Montana 650t GPS I bought the Garmin Montana 650t GPS from my local Can Am dealer that comes stock on the new 2012 Limited Commander. I also got the dash from the Limited Commander but that will be in later. The nice thing about this setup is it can be bolted right in...
  3. Camping and Outdoor Discussions
    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this on but it is dealing with the Outdoors so I will give it a shot. I created a group on the "SPOT Adventures" site. From the site you see GPS tracks mapped out showing the contributors route, pictures and thier stories. In addition you can...
  4. Audio, Communications, and GPS
    Thought I would share this with all of you. Axia Alloys has come up with a pretty nice mount for the new Lowrance HDS-5 Baja GPS. They are not on the Axia Alloys site yet, however, just give them a call if you are interested and Michael will be able to help you out. Axia Alloys
  5. ISDRA (Imperial Sand Dunes)
    Algodones Dunes (Glamis) North End, Location Coordinates: The Mythical Water Fountain: 32' 49.55 N / 114' 57.53 W Plane Crash Site: 32' 52.22 N / 115' 02.53 W Cahuilla Ranger Station (Gecko Road): 32' 58.44 N / 115' 10.30 W Glamis Store: 32' 59.76 N / 115' 04.37W Crazy Craigs (formerly Dirty...
  6. Audio, Communications, and GPS
    Anyone planning on installing a GPS into their Commander? Is your plan to hardwire or go with a handheld on a fixed mount? I installed a Lowrance GlobalMap Baja 540C GPS into the dash of my Teryx and it works really well. They have since discontinue it and replaced it with the Lowrance HDS-5...
1-6 of 6 Results