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  1. Suspension and Steering
    :cool: After putting up the List of all the Long Travel Kits on the market 2011 The thread was put up in a way you can not post (Closed). So this thread is the second half, so you can post here about the Long Travel Thread. Thanks Here is a link: Long Travel Kits on the market 2011 So lets...
  2. Suspension and Steering
    If you are looking for LT (Long Travel) for your Can Am Commander this is a great place to look at what is out there. I found 12 LT kits for the Commander that you can buy today. I did not put this in any order just the way they ended up. Here is a list of all the LT (Long Travel) kits that...
  3. Suspension and Steering
    Found this video of the FST Long Travel, looks like another great kit from FST!
  4. Suspension and Steering
    Forgive the ignorance, however, I have never claimed to be a suspension expert. With the Can-Am Commander being the first to use a TTI rear suspension setup (aside from the Joyner Trooper), how does that affect the building of aftermarket long or mid travel kits? Do these trailing arms need to...
  5. Suspension and Steering
    Anyone know or hear of any company's building suspension kits yet for the new Commander? The only one I know of is Holz Racing so far. In speaking to them, it sounds like they are building a chromoly +3" kit. They are attempting to design it in order to allow Commander 1000 X users the ability...
1-5 of 5 Results