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  1. Can-Am Commander UTV Parts For Sale
    Can Am Commander Max & Maverick Max 2014 and Newer Sport Roof with Skylight #71500196 Asking $500. Retails for $849 plus tax. Barely used sport roof with holes in front section for lightbar. Holes are currently capped DESCRIPTION Commander MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX...
  2. Exterior and Body
    Long story short I let my best friend drive and he flipped us on the side going about 30 mph. He's footing the bill but I'm trying to make a educated decision and need to replace the roll bar. I live in Texas and am ok with replacing with a factory one or if someone knows of a good aftermarket...
  3. Chassis and Fabrication
    Well almost done mocking up my cage. I cut 6" vertically out of it and lowered my seats 2".
  4. Exterior and Body
    A buddy of mine has spent countless hours one manning his commander into a race prepped machine for XC racing here. Here are some of the items he has been working on: He has spent a lot of time and effort on this stuff and it has turned out really well to this point. He may be...
1-4 of 4 Results