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  1. Safety
    Here is what we use for the little ones. I used a twisted Stitch Rhino 42" seat and built my own rails. Cant stand the large roll bar for the commander rear seats...too much $ and only for full on rally with the kids. The seat reversed keeps the branches out of the kids face, covers them with...
  2. Safety
    Curious if any of you plan on changing out your seats or sticking with the factory Commander seats. I know the Commander seats mount differently than the a lot of the other UTVs out there so I wonder if any of the aftermarket companies such as Twisted Stitch, PRP, ect., have come up with mounts...
  3. Safety
    Not sure if any of you are aware of this, however, the Commander seats can be removed and used as portable seating. Whether around camp or taking a break from riding, you will now never be without a place to sit!
1-3 of 3 Results