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  1. Other UTV and Side x Side Discussions
    I am thinking while I have the motor apart it would be a good time to check and/or adjust the valves on my 840cc Teryx. I don't suppose anyone knows what the gap on the valves should be on a FST 840 equipped Teryx should be. I am thinking intake is .006 and exhaust is .008, but I just wanted to...
  2. Engines, Drivelines, and Maintenance
    Has anyone adjusted the valves on their Commander yet? I figure people have had them enough time where they may be needing to adjust them or atleast check them.
  3. Other UTV and Side x Side Discussions
    Ok so for those of your who read my Thanksgiving thread about all the stuff that I broke, you would know I have a nasty clunk in my 840 Teryx Motor. For all you motor guys/gals, if valves are out of adjustment would they make a nasty clunk or am I correct in assuming it is something deeper in...
1-3 of 3 Results