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So i borrow my 2 month old commander to my brother and he ends up crossing a shallow river and on the way back hits rock and its all down hill from there... he and his friend bail and it takes about 16 hours to find it and tow it out of approximately 12-15 feet of water...

Drained Diffs, drained oil and flushed multiple times, replaced air filter drained and replaced fuel. checked battery and is showing 13 volts everything seems good except one problem. When i turn key i can not hear fuel pump kicking in and the dash does not light up, a few seconds later the engine turns over and fires up, once the key is released from the start position the engine stops and everything turns off.

Has anyone experienced this? I really dont want to take to dealer and void my extended warranty yet so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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