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Hi everyone, this may have already been asked but after searching threads I cannot seen to find it.
I have a 2013 1000 LTD commander.
After getting maintenance messages and compressor over heating. I sprayed my suspension system with soapy water only to find my front and rear Air shocks on the drivers side are both aggressively leaking from the top of the shock.(most likely O-ring). and the silver canisters under the seat behind the compressor are also leaking from the fittings.
not fittings I can probably fix with plumbers tape and a little love. but What is my best option to fix the shock leaks without spending a small fortune ?
I've never rebuilt an air shock(or any other type) but I'm certain with a little guidance I could manage. Has anyone else ever rebuilt theirs ? or have any tips ? Also wondering if there's some type of rebuild kit available ?
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