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Had filled up tank when I first picked up the machine. Took a little over 8 gallons. Had been watching the gauge over the first few days of riding. Very little movement. As I was getting close to 100 miles, tank gauge was around 1/2 Tank. Not too long after, hadn't really been keeping a close eye on it since I knew I still had plenty of fuel, noticed it was down to only two marks. Shortly after that, the low fuel light came on and it only showed 1 mark on gauge. Filled up the tank and topped it off with as much as I could get in the tank and was only able to get 6.3 gallons in the tank. So pretty much the same problem I've been reading here on several other post.

Since I'm now at 10.5 hrs and 150 miles, went to dealer today to schedule my service. Talked to the mechanic about the fuel gauge being off and he said that was a real common problem and there was nothing that can be done about it. Sorry, don't buy that. No use in arguing with the mechanic, so on the way out spoke to the manager and let him know about the problem and that this would not be an acceptable answer, he said he would speak with Can Am and get it taken care of.

So it seems that the gauge problem has not been solved on the 2012 models. Will follow up next week after service with my out come.

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There is RUMOR, and I emphasis rumor, that there is an ECU reflash coming at a later date .....what happens is BRP sends out revised software to their dealers who load it into their computer and then download into the Commander ECU with the Budds system

Just guessing here, but since all gas gauge complaints seem to be the same,the reflash may change some resistance values for the tank float _gauge assembly and be closer to actual gas remaining in tank ....strickly speculation on my part tho ....ours shows needing fuel and only takes 6 gallons also... Lance

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