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Any of you have oil leak in the belt CV covert

My dealer change my crank seal on the secondary 3 time now cause engine oil leak in the belt cover.
I ask them to search farther than only change the seal cause there is probably a problem on my engine but they say Im not the only one whit this problem and they dont have another fix for now they work on it.

They also say they will extend my warranty for the seal so I will never have to pay for a seal in the future.

So my question who have this problem and who have not?

Ps I try to create a poll could someone help me I cannot finf wow to do it?

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Double check with your dealer Stephan as to which seal they are replacing ....your crankshaft /engine oil seal is the primary clutch,,,,, the tranny shaft is the secondary clutch,,, so something isn't adding up with which seal is the problem.....I don't think it could be anything besides a seal either

Can't help you with a poll as I'm on a mobile ....someone will help ya or I will tonight .....Lance

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