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Anyone install a winch on their X yet? I need help.

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Hopefully I will be getting my X in the next week. I bought the Warn XT40 winch separately . I didn't buy it as as a Can am accessory. I bought it as a stand alone you unit from a Warn dealer because I got a munch better price. I need to know if the Winch comes with everything I need to hook it up to the X, or do I need other parts? I did order the Commander winch plate so I have that covered. Thanks guys.
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Typically the Warn winch will come with the contactor, a plug in remote or rocker switch, 4 - #6 Cables to hook to the Battery and winch, fairhead and mounting bracket.

HI their!

Hello I seen your posting and Thought I would share something!

Its good to see that you are being creative with your budget! lol I think the only thing you may have to do is Possibly Re bore a few holes to mount the winch on the factory plate. If you Didn't buy the recommended Mount then that really is the only obstacle you are going to run into is hole fitments. Just thought I would Share My thoughts. Hope It turns out for yea Good Luck!
I should have been more clear. I got the Can am factory winch plate accessory, and the winch I got is the same one that comes factory on the XT models. So it should be able to hook up without drilling anything. My main concern is the wiring. I hope there is no difference on the wiring between the X and the XT's.
can you update this post ?

Do you have install your winch ? Do you get any difficulties ?
Wiring is the same. I got a factory rocker switch for the dash so the wiring would plug right in with no headaches. That was the only other item I purchased besides the winch & mounting plate.
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