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Can-Am Commander Mileage

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So now that people people are starting to receive their Commanders, what sort of fuel mileage are you getting out of them?

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My Mileage isnt that good but i didnt expect it to be. Hauling two 200plus pound Geezers around the sand with paddles at mostly full throttle all weekend got me 86 miles on 10 gallons.
I can guess others will chime in with ALOT better mileage.
I think that is right around what I get with my 840cc Teryx...granted I have a tad smaller tank.

Since we just got our X and we haven't even taken it out I can't really answer it on the the X, but I know that when we put the 800 Rotax in our Rhino we averaged over 16.1 miles to the gal in the sand with paddles over 3 consective weekends. and that was not babying it by any means:), so if we get that with the X we will be very happy..:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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