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Commander Differential Size

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Those of you who have seen the Commander in person, are the differentials pretty small? I was looking at some pictures (it could just be the way it looks in the pictures) and it seems like they might be.

I am not stating that this is indeed the case since I am basing this observation off of photos but was curious from those of you who have seen them in person.

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Same physical size as the Gade/Outty...IMO a little too small for the added weight and HP...not to mention top speed and cruising speed potential for even a STOCK Commander...but time will tell...I also think that even though the engine braking is amazing that the single rear brake is a weak spot for those that will use the Commander 1000 to its potential.
Hmm ok, I suppose time will tell...if duners are constantly burning up diffs I am sure changes will be made. Now granted this may very well never be an issue, who knows, maybe they were able to size them smaller due to using materials that can disperse heat better...size isn't always important, lol ;)

I checked out the front diff this morning but didnt get a pic. It looks small but I dont know nothin' about front diffs. I didnt have a problem shifting into and out of 4wd while on the fly. I figure for what I'll be doing, I will not need 4wd all the time so maybe the front diff will be ok?
For my sake anyway, I agree with dieselpowered that (front diff) size doesnt make a difference.:rofl:
I'm trusting BRP over-engineered all of the components in the Commander platform, so IMO, all can sleep well tonight,,,,I'm not loosing any sleep over this one,,,here's an example:

The Rhino rear diffs are 99.9% trouble-free of any carnage from any Rotaxs, R-1s and Busas that have been swapped into that platform......the front diffs just need the ring gear bolts tack-welded so they don't back out in high HP applications.....

Most peeps will tout running in 4x4 in these Rotax/Rhino swaps (and pumped-up Rhino engines) as the torque is distributed both to the front and rear instead of just to the rear...just to help take some of the stress off of just the rearend components.....but Yamaha designed these diffs for their little single-lung engines (the 660 only has 23 HP to the rear wheels)....Lance
I agree with you Lance, this is a machine years in the making, I would definately think that someone did their homework somewhere within this timeframe :)

I was all over an XT yesterday (10-1) and I have to say both diff's look small compaired to the ones on my Teryx. Like ya'll said, I hope their stout enough for the weight and power when you really get crankin on one of these things.
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