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Commander exhausts are done!

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Its been a long time coming, but our systems are done guys. Check it out --> HMF Racing / UTV Please let me know what everyone thinks and feel free to ask questions. We will have dyno charts up probably next week. For now I can tell you that with the slip on systems we gained about 3HP and 2lb-ft TQ. With the duals we picked up about 4HP and 3lb-ft TQ. These are the peak power gains only. There are sections in the power curves where the gains are more or less than the above numbers. We tuned with our Gen 3.5 Optimizer which will be available shortly. Click here for a sound clip of the duals:
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Here are some pictures with the Yellow color option and black turn downs.
Sounds good, looks Great. I like the nice Powercoat work.
When can we get ours?
Dakota, you work for Gorilla? Race for them?
I race for them and work all the big events.
I love the yellow, that's bad ass! Nice work guys!
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