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Commander in a 2011 Fuzion 322 10 foot garage

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Not really a how too but might help some people with a Toy Hauler and a 10 foot garage.

I had a few people ask me if the X fits in my Fuzion and it does although it's a super tight fit and I have to remove the front bumper. I am working on a way to make the bed quick release so I don't have to take the bumper off each time. I also have the dual beds in the back which means I have to air the tires down as well so the light bar doesn't hit the beds. I can also fit the commander in the garage with my wifes XR 100 and my KX 500. I want to find a way to cinch the suspension down so I don't have to let the air out each time.

Here are some pics.

I use the wheel chocks on each side to keep it from rocking.
(full size image here-

I have about 1 full inch in the back.
(full size image here-

In the rear I have about an inch clearance
(Full size image here-

You can see the overhead clearance is tight.
(Full size image here-

And yes, if you were wondering, Mojo fits in the garage.
(Full size image here-

It's tight but it fits.


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WOW that really is a tight fit, very nice trailer buddy has one and really likes it! In regards to cinching the suspension, is there anywhere on the front shock mounts where you could put a ratchet strap and then somewhere on the arms?

I havent really had time to take a close look at it. I am sure I can figure something out. I had to do this same thing with my Rhino and it was pretty easy. For now letting the air out of the tires is easy and quick.

SO far the Fuzion rocks, I have had a few small issues with it but the dealer has taken care of everything.
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