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hi, if you have a 12 commander LIMITED ONLY can we compare a few things.

i think there is a few differences in them, vs other commanders, related just to the limited. the manuals are standard format used for all commanders.

however i have found my grey key is performance, not the black one the manual states, i asked my dealer if he programmed them backwards and he said no, showed me the assembly note from canam as they was assembling one as i was there, it clearly stated to set the grey as performace. were not sure why, but it did.

also, try and set your display, clock, rpm, mph, etc. teh manual says to use the M to rotate between functions, however its the S that does that on the limited on mine, exactly backwards of all other commanders,

it all works fine, but im sure they changed this and did not update the manual correctly. also notice top end you can get 400 more rpms over other commanders.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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