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Commander wheel (hub) size and fit.

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Do any of you know if the wheel from a Rhino or Rzr or any toy will fit the Commander? I need a spare wheel and tire for my 1000xt but I don't want to spend an arm & leg on it. I think I could get a deal on Craigslist or eBay if something Else fits on the hub. Thanks [email protected]
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My outlander is way different than a Rhino, so I would think the commander would be too. I have a front and rear rim and tire for a rhino (cheap) if anyone is looking.
This came up on the other site already .
someone put this up .

teryx: 4/137 12x1.5
can am: 4/136.5 10x1.25
rzr: 4/156 3/8x24
rhino: 4/110 10x1.25
prowler: 4/115 10x1.25

you cannot run teryx wheels or teryx spacers, the 12mm holes will not center the rim or spacer on the hub even using conical studs. You must us a wheel or spacer with a 10mm stud and hole.
The commander uses the same lug size and pattern as the can-am quad.

I have a set of stock XT wheels here if your interested....
I may be interested in the xt tires,rims. I have an x and I think I like my dads xt wheels better. Riding in mostly Minnesota trails. Mud bluffs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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