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What To Do:

Here is how it will work, on the weekdays (don't want to take you away from your weekend rides), we will give one clue per day in this thread. This locked thread will contain just the daily clues together for your quick reference and nothing more. Clues will be posted in the morning.

The product you are looking for is displayed somewhere on the Discount Tire Direct website:

Home - Discount Tire Direct

There will be a second open thread for you to post in to ask any questions about the hunt, to post if you think you have the answer or for general BSing....but be aware, NO HINTS will be given to anyone, so forget the PMs to us those clues are all your getting! lol

The duration should be 6-8 days long, unless we have some totally excellent trackers here.

The clues will be rather vague the first few days, but will become more and more direct so don't lose interest, who knows, the next day may be the key to your locating it. Once the clues get easier, use the first few clues to hone in on it! You are looking for a product hidden somewhere on the net :)

You will want to reply with your answer as well as the URL to the answer.

Who Is Eligible?

Any active member (non-vendor) in good standing with a minimum of ten (10) posts.

How Will A Winner Be Determined?

The first member to correctly identify the product along with the product's URL will be deemed the winner.

What Is The Prize?

The winner will receive the following:
  • Discount card good for $50 off any four (4) tires or any four (4) wheels, or $100 off any four (4) tires and wheel packages from our friends at Discount Tire Direct.
  • Your choice of a white GBC Motorsports t-shirt, a maroon Grim Reaper Performance Tire shirt, or a black Dirt Commander Performance Tire shirt.
  • Your choice of a camo Discount Tire hat or black GBC Motorsports hat.
Thank you to Discount Tire Direct for supplying the prizes!

Home - Discount Tire Direct

Here is the thread for you to post your answers, ask questions, ect.:

Good luck to everyone!

All the best! Staff::..

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
Not open for further replies.