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A few of the Rhino guys that have done a rotax swap are using a dalton clutch kit they now have it available for the Commander

here's a write up on it..
Can-Am Commander
2011 4X4 Side x Side 1000 X, XT

DBC 1000
Suggested list price
$305 CAD / $305 USD

Stock or oversized tires,Adjustable kit.

Commander 1000 "OPTIONS" clutch kit.

This new clutch kit makes it possible to have one kit that suits a lot of different situations. Instead of having many different clutch kits for different tire sizes, terrain conditions, or to help compensate for high elevation power losses, this new kit covers a broad range of tuning challenges.You can tune for better belt grip and improved performance by using different combinations in the kit. A new set of adjustable flyweight lever arms were built for this application. There is a " set- up guide" included to optimize the CVT calibration for most common situations, and you even have a choice of engagement rpm for your preferred riding situations. Having options and tunability means you still have the correct kit if you change tires, do modifications, etc.

Also included in the instructions is a "General Overview of Model and CVT Tuning Guide" that may help clarify the way the system operates, the tuning components, and some basic clutch tuning for those unfamiliar.
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