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Hello from Peru. I've got a 2013 Commander which broke the drive belt the other night with only 27 hours or 300 some kilometers on the clock. We were going into the desert at about 5.30 when it let go. Luckily I had three extra belts with me in the Ram. My son was in the Commander. As the Commander is new to us we had no idea what to do, but luckily a friend who was with us had only last week changed the belt on his Outlander and he was able to guide us.

By the time we got it pulled apart it was dark, windy, cold and we were miles away from any help. When we removed the cover the old belt fell out in chunks. it was totally destroyed. Parts of it were stuck in the spring behind the driven pulley, so we cut off what we could and left the rest. Not much.

We had all the necessary tools except the special bolt to spread the driven pulley. By about 8.00 pm we had exhausted all ideas and in the end we virtually kicked the belt on. We ran it over the drive pulley and on the underside of the driven. With me holding the part of the belt that wouldn't go on the driven pulley with my boot, my mate started the engine and hit the accelerator a few times and the belt jumped right on. About 30 minutes later we were on our way.

This all happened about 500 kilometers south o Lima down past the Nazca Lines. My son drove it hard for the next two days without any problems, but I will take it apart and check in the next day so.

My question is; what could've we done wrong to junk the belt so quickly ? I saw a forum where someone got nearly 2000 miles out o a belt. Bear I mind that we do all desert driving. Check out

Thanks, Greg
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