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I have a 2012 commander 1000 with 11 hrs on it. I live in az and the temp here now gets to 110-115 at hottest part of the day. Ive been riding at an easy pace, doing a little hill climbing when the engine light comes on. I checked oil, coolant etc and all is fine. IT has happened to me twice and just yesterday it happened again and the limp mode came on. I took it to the dealer and they said no codes were present at all. I had them do the 10 hr break in service (220.00) and on the second ride the engine light comes on.
Anyone have any suggestions or ideas????

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Check your manual for proper weight of oil... are you riding in that heat?... whew that's gotta be hot!

I'm wondering if you need to step up to a *.50 weight oil....your oil may be thinning so much that the oil pressure is being read low by the ECU sensor

Mention this scenerio to your dealer for their opinion also

Ask about any re-flash updates by their BUDDS software for your high temperature area...instead of a oil stepup from 40 to 50 weight, it could be software or sensor issue.

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