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LOL it is probably like the seatbelt override in the Ford F250. I can't tell you how many times I tried the sequence the manual says to do and I have yet to get it to work.


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The manual says you can reset the "maintenance required" message by alternately pressing the override button and the brake pedal three times... Has anyone gotten this to work?
for people that are new and want to do this here is something i found here somewhere i did it on mine worked perfect took me a few tries cause i was going to slow according to another post you also wait for everything to boot up seat belt off anyway i did it waited for all to load on the digital dash with seat belt off i did the proceedure key on overidepreesed ,press brake peedel and realese ,let go override button press brake release press overide again press brake realease you need to do this real fast the first 3 times i must of been going to slow ,,then the last time i was about to give up i decided to give it one more trying going reall fast press depress and all worked maintenace message gone so for the people that say it doesnt work and need to bring to dealer well your wrong does work just need to do it right and fast this was on my 2012 commander 1000xt

Im sure you hate that stupid maintenance required message as much as the next guy, heres a little trick sent out by brp to reset this without taking it in to the dealer (we hate that message too honestly, every 50 hours it sets no matter what).
Maintenance Message
MY 2012 SSV's come from the factory with the
maintenance message scrolling across the cluster.
BUDS will not remove that message. Here is a way to
remove it.
NOTE: This procedure differs from the one used in the
shop manual or operator’s guide. Please make sure to
communicate this information to your customer.
1. ECM must be completely powered down.
2. Transmission in PARK.
3. Turn the ignition Switch ON.
4. Engine must NOT be running.
Now the following steps must be done in this order in 4
seconds or less:
1. Press the Override Button.
2. Press the Brake Pedal.
3. Release the Brake Pedal.
4. Release the Override Button.
5. Press the Brake Pedal.
6. Release the Brake Pedal.
7. Press the Override Button.
8. Press the Brake Pedal.
9. Release the Brake Pedal

10. Release the Override Button.
11. Turn ignition switch to OFF and allow to power all
the way down.
NOTE: After turning the ignition switch to OFF, the
electrical system stays ON for a moment. Wait till it is
completely off.
Next time the ignition switch is turned on the
maintenance message will not be displayed.
NOTE: In the event the maintenance required message
is still present, do the procedure again.
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