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Getting Closer

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I know if you had read another post :unsure:you would have read that I wasn't going to post anymore till I got my Commander. I figured that because I was talking smack I was being punished.:giggle::giggle:..not really

Well I know it's getting closer now.....I have a VIN#.....3JBKXLP19BJ000376
still said it maybe a week to 10 days..:furious:..:furious:....
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Barb Hi,
How about having Lance stencil "COMMANDER X" across your quad fender and then just go riding for awhile?? No? Oh well, just trying to help out. :)
Dave I like your way of thinking, :)a few years ago I would have been nieve enough to believe that...:giggle: but I have gotten wiser in my older years.:giggle:.....Barbara
Well you can always write your VIN on a piece of posterboard, tape the posterboard to the back of a chair, and zoom around on the chair and pretend your X is in :)
DP...Did you have a hidden camera in our office?....:rofl:...that is so funny that you mentioned a chair...there is still a dent in the floor where my head hit...lesson learned...Don't put sweatshirt on back of chair...:giggle:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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