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Headed to Dune Fest with a Can-Am Commander 1000 XT

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Picked up my Can-Am Commander 1000 XT today. Took it for a quick burn in the pasture out back then swapped to paddle tires for the dunes.

Those are OMF billet center beadlocks with Skat Trak Haulers in the rear and ITP Dune Stars up front.

The lugs are 17mm like a Teryx, but have a smaller stud. Bolt pattern is a 137mm (I think OMF uses a 136 and they fit just fine).

Headed to Dune Fest in Winchester Bay (Oregon) on Tuesday. Shacking up with Pete from Got Sand? Plan to do lots of riding with the Commander, but I am also going to hit up Muzzys. They are bringing their 850cc RZR S and 999cc stroker Teryx!

Can-Am will be there as well with a few Commanders for Demo Days.

Follow along on my blog - UTV Guide Blog
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Great to have you with Jon look forward to seeing you around here often :wavespin:

Congrats on the Commander, have a great trip and we look forward to hearing all about it! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Have a great time Jon, looking forward to your reports!
Awesome! Can't wait to hear more. Welcome Crowdog!

Tell Pete that Dale with H Town Performance said Hi!
Looks like Jon is on his way, here is wishing him a safe trip! He is going to try to send me pictures during the event, so I will keep this thread up to date with new pictures and information.

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Hopefully we'll hear or see some drag race reports against the RZR S
Looking forward to seeing ya Jon.....we're running a silver Rhino with yellow "tree saver" strap on the front bumper....throw up a body block with your Commander if you see us...haha....Lance
Jon sent me an e mail, said he took the Commander out to check out Banshee hill, said no problems getting up the hill in the Commander.

Here is a photo from the top.

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Jon and his Commander out at the ATV Sand Drags. UTV Sand Drags are later on today.

Commander at the Got Sand Booth getting some attention!

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Never been to Dune Fest! Looks like it would be a blast! I know I'd have to stop by the Got Sand booth for some awesome appearal if I went!
Jon installed a panoramic and some side view mirrors from Axia Alloys on the Commander. I have these mirrors on my Teryx, and they are fantastic!

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they look sweet!

what kind of $ are they?
Can't speak for what the vendors sell them for, however, you are looking at around $180 for the panoramic mirror and around $200 for the two side mirrors.

Axia Alloys

Great pics!! Would love to hear how the Commander did against the rzrs...cheers!
One of the highlights of Dunefest was Jon (Crowdog) took me for a ride in his Commander...I will post vid later..we just got home from 5 great days in the Sand...:)
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