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I have to tell you that I thought my X was going to have the same outcome. We went to Pismo over New Years and for those who haven't been there, the majority of dunes are razor backs. Anyways, I let my buddy take it for a spin w/his daughter. Thankfully I put it in 4wd & had him run it in low range. My buddy is an experienced quad rider but has only driven a sxs one other time. He's driving it like he stole it, dives down trying to ride the side of the dune(razerback), realizes he's heading towards another step face and trys to head back up the dune. You can see this thing is leaning hard, lucky that the rears slid just enough and the front wheels helped him pull it out. I had his helmet cam on so I might have some video later. Probably has some cussing on it as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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