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Hello Fella's,

I have been running a 100 trying to get everything spooling, have only had my X out for one real trail ride... But here's a couple of clips of my baby. There will be much more...

My mod's so far are all OEM;
Two piece black roof.
Half windshield.
Warn XT40.

Mod's waiting to go on;
Oem rear bumper.
Ricochet skids.
May swap the XT40 for a Moto Alliance EX5000 wide spool, I want the 75' line and billet fair lead.
I have a power steering set up to go in too but been sitting on the shelf for two months now.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, I have some new clutches and a little black box that I got my dirty mit's on last night that will remove the SPEED limiter. Stay tuned, I will post pics of the items and video's of before and after the little black box.

Oh and a turbo kit here that I am half tempted to install but here that we have big concerns with codes and the such, not sure how much the MAPTS will handle???

Keep er to the pin N' grin kids.

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Does the clutch happen to be the new QSC..Or is another new design....I have been waiting for more info to come out on clutches before I make a final clutch decision?

Do tell more about the new little black box..inquiring minds want to know...:)...Barbara

And yes I broke it in Go Hard or Go home style
As my start up message says...."Drive it like you stole it"
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