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It took me a wile to learn my way around the forum world so I thought I would pass it forward. There is more than one way to do the same thing, so feel free to add to my list, this is just how I do some things for those getting started.

1. How to find a Thread you are looking for:
Use the top bar (white letters in black background across the top of the page or use the Tabs (in yellow on the upper right side of the page)

"New Posts"- Good to see what is new (Self-explanatory)

"Search"- I have not had the best of luck with finding things using Search on any forum. If you really want to do a Thread Search I use your basic Google search and type in CommanderTalk and GPS (if looking for a thread on GPS) This works great and you can put in key words like Montana to really narrow it down.

On the top you can click "Quick Links" to get a drop down list with:
"Today's Posts"- Great if you added a post because it would no longer be in New Post's.
"Subscribed Threads"- Good to look up something you posted on and you can just look at the Threads you posted on. I use this a lot to find old stuff.

Back to the Yellow tabs, you can click on "Forums" and get to the basic web-page with all the categories of Threads. (This is good to find a thread on say Electrical threads for example) Also used when starting a thread, you have to be on a forum page to start a thread.

2. How to Post a NEW THREAD:
a: You have to Click on "Forums" in the yellow Tab
b: Click on the category you want to start you Thread in, (for example: "Electrical").
c: Now you can Click on the "New Thread" (Note: find the page number on the upper right side of the page, now go stright across to the left side and you will see the New Thread in white and yellow text).
d: Click on that and add a Title, Message (all your info), and add Tags for the search to pick up when people are searching for your info. (I have found you can only add MAX of 5 tags and they have to be already in the system, for example: Commander is in there but Montana is not). You can try them but if not in the web-site system it will not let you post your Thread until you remove the unrecognized tags.
e:VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If online for a wile writing a new post (like this one for example) you need to highlight everything in the "Message" area and Copy it. The reason is when you get done with everything many times when clicking on "Submit New Thread" or "Preview Post" everything will clear and you will have to start over from scratch. Infact I copy a large post like this from time to time along the way. You can also post one part and go back and edit it so at least you have the first part saved but people will see the first part as you continue to edit.
f: Click "Submit New Thread" or "Preview Post"
Don't worry you can edit your post after it is up if you need to correct spelling or add a picture. (I do add pictures later sometimes). If using the preview you can see how it will look but sometimes the youtube links don't look correct at this point, until posted.
Note: "Edit" will show up on your posts when you are logged in, on the bottom right side of your post next to "quote" "-" QR.

3. How to reply to a post: (any one can be done)
a. One of couple of ways, Click on the upper or lower left corner of the page "Post Reply" and then type your post. This is only a box for your text, No quote.
b. Click on the the lower right corner of the message "QR" This is only a box to reply like above
"Post Reply" and "QR" (Quick Reply) are the same just different button.
c. Click on "'quote" This does just that, you will quote the other persons post and you can write above or below the quote.
d. Click on " "-" " This is so you can quote more than one person all in one post, and the last person you want to quote you will have to click on "quote" and all will show up.
(example: you might have a lot of questions about how Commander is running and you can answer each one all in one post.)

4. How to add links to a thread or post.
Go to the web site you want to link to
b. Copy the location (example:
c. In your text on your Message, highlight the words you want to have as a link. (for example: Can Am Commmander Forum) and with the text highlighted
d. Click on the icon with all the tools above your message that looks like Chain Links (below Fonts and to the right a little) also as you move your mouse over the icon it will say "Insert Link"
e. Paste or type in your link location as on b. above (example: BRP Can-Am ATV, Side by Side ATV, UTV | Can-Am USA)
Note: It is easier to write your Message first then go back and add links, also you can add a link without highlighting any text. Just put the cursor where you would want the link and click on the link button and it will so up with all the text of the link (That can be very long sometimes). You can just type in the www text and it will also pick it up as a link most of the time. Also if adding a link from say a online store, you can do it this way and it will put in text for you like the name of the store or part. (this is what happened above when I typed www canamonline com. Every time I put it together it turns it into the link and add the whole BRP name you see above.
Keep in mind no forum wants you to put in links to other forums but it is OK to put a link to a thread from the same forum. Like I could put a link to a GPS review on CommanderTalk but not for another forum.

5. How to add photos to a Thread or Post
This can be done a couple of ways and each forum is a little different.
You can attach a photo (small in the post that get bigger when clicked on)
or You can Insert a photo (Big in the text and does not get bigger)

Upload your photo to any online site like Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket or Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
After you upload yor photo to a remote web site, you will need to find the URL or web address for your photo. Next you can add it to your post by clicking on the icon that looks like a sunset next to the link icon (This can also be used with TapaTalk in place of hosted by Tapatalk). Now when you click on the insert photo icon you will get a box to enter your URL or website that links to your picture that you got earlier.


b. Use a App called TapaTalk for your smart phone or taplet to put the pictures in without the last step.
When using Tapatalk you go to the post you want to add a photo to and click the thin bar in the center of the page that says "open advanced options". Next click photo album and pick the photo in your phone (this will insert the photo). You can also pick "photo link" if you have your photos on a remote web site like talked about above (this will attach the photo).
I found using Tapatalk to insert photos is best way for me, so many times I will write a post like this one on my computer and then add photos using my iPhone or iPad. I sometimes edit the photos on my iPad and then use TapaTalk to upload form there. If you use TapaTalk you will get a option to upload to the forum or tapatalk. If you upload to the forum you will have the picture attached (small and gets bigger when clicked) or if you choose tapatalk the picture will be Inserted (Big in the Text and does not get bigger).

Using the iPhone/iPad
To capture the screen on you iPhone/iPad press the big home button and the power button at the top at the same time to capture the entire screen shot.
Apps I use are "PS Express" (PhotoShop) to crop and rotate the picture. And "Adobe Ideas" to draw on the pictures or just make drawing from scratch.

6. How to add a youtube video
a. Same as adding a link but in this case the link is the youtube web-site for that video. Be sure it is a link that can be shared, if you are logged into your youtube account and click on one of your videos it will not always work. So if it doesn't work, you will need to log out of your youtube account and find your video, then copy the link, like anyone else would. Now that link should work.
b. You can do like the links above, highlighting some text you want it to say at the top of the video (example: Big Hill Climb)

Now if you are having trouble with any links you can edit your post and look at how the web site looks on one of yours that works and compair that to the one that doesn't and see if maybe the web-site was entered twice or something.

One last note for people getting used to Copy and Paste. Remember on your mouse the right click will always be options like Copy or Paste where the left click will always be enter, yes, or activate.

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Thanks Bryan that was great i think i got it now.
I am not verry savy when it comes to computers but it is 1994 so i should learn
oh its 2011 thanks again
Thanks for bringing it up, I had fun putting together the list of how to's. You might see I have gone back a number of times to edit both the pictures and text. After it is up and I tried to follow my own instructions I found some steps were missing. Now corrected

But if anyone see's a mistake let me know I will change it. Or like I said if someone has a good way to add pictures or whatever that I didn't cover this would be a good place to do it. :unsure:
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