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Is this the best deal you have seen for Isoflex?

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I thought I would share a link to Advanced Lubrication & Machine Services. They sell Kluber Isoflex NB 52 50 g tubes for $26.95 with shipping. They are a pleasure to deal with too. I told them I would share their link on here and if you place an order tell them you heard about them from Keith Hood on this site. Thank you! For all my overseas friends, they said they will ship small orders outside of North America as well!

Kluber Topas Isoflex NB 52  High Speed Grease for Extreme Applications

I couldn't believe people were happy to pay $50.00 for a tube of Isoflex, so I did a ton of searching to find the best deal possible and I am posting it on all the Can-am related forums. I guess that's why I cant afford a Commander! A smarter, or greedier, person would have kept the source a secret and resold the tubes on the forums for $35.00 plus shipping.

By the way, if you vote "no" on the poll at the top of the page, please reply with where you have found a better deal. The whole point of me posting this link is to help people save and reward the seller for not price gouging.

There should be a reply with contact and price information for every "no" vote. If there isn't, people should ask themselves, why there isn't.
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