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I hope someone will be able to help me, I rebuild the engine in a 2014 commander, we reinstalled it and now just get a clicking sound when we try and turn it over. some of the things we have tried already include, not in any particular order are ( we have 2 identical machines so we were able to swap out parts to verify if they were the issue or not )

1. tried jumping solenoid

2. new solenoid

3. check fuses and swapped out the ones that can't be visually check
4. check and swapped batteries
5. recheck all connections, grounds etc....

running out of ideas, could it possibly be the actual starter switch? we rebuild the engine because we never noticed that the intake hose wasn't connected and got it swamped in a puddle, it only has 600 kms on the machine. we replaced the bottom end bearing just because but everything else was is fantastic shape. please help if you can thanks!
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