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Hi everyone, as the title says, I just bought a 2013 Commander 1000 Ltd, sweet looking machine with all the bells and whistles.
I live in Canada and snow is something I have to ride through a lot some parts of the year.
I bought my wife a 2017 Polaris General for Christmas and fell in love with Side x Sides. The Can am has caught my interest and I grabbed what I thought was a great machine.
I took it for a run on clear hard ground and the power was awesome, but when i went across my field with roughly 6" of snow the power lagged right off. I couldn't move in two wheel drive. I switched into 4x4 and made it but real slow and the throttle felt like it was being castrated. once out of the snow back in my plowed driveway the power came back to life. Any thoughts of why this is happening ?
For a comparison I immediately took my wife's General 1000 across the same field cutting a new trail to re-create a true comparison, and her machine roared through with full power in two and 4wd.

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Could be you have the low performance key....most from the dealers were gray color whereas the hi perf keys were black color....I don't think this is your issue tho.

It sounds more like the shaft saver feature....the ECM is reducing the power and torque to the engine because it senses something is wrong.... namely the rear tires are spinning freely, but machine is moving to slowly. The ECM reduces the fueling to choke it down to save busting the rear axles/driveshaft/rearend.

Google the latest plug and play fixes for this...plug it in and your machine comes to life.

Back in the day (got ours in 2011), the 2 very popular brands were Muzzys or K&T "Black Box"
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