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Hello everyone. Here's what I learned on the install of the dragonfire racing doors over the past two days...

1. Have a pair of 2 inch by 1/4 grade 8 bolts and lock nuts for the upper hinge bar mounts. The supplied bolts were never going to be long enough!
2. When drilling out the rivets for the rocker panels, move the drill in a circle pattern to cut off as much of the rivet head as possible. Chisel off the tails after panel is down. Wear safety glasses and be ready for a dirt and mud shower when the panel comes loose.
3. Do not put the front quarter panel on until you test fit and latch the doors.
4. As previously suggested, tape up the floor holes and gap by the seat pivots to retain small nuts, etc.
5. A 9/64" drill is not that common. Buy a good one for about 9 or 10 bucks, not the cheap 4 dollar one. Drilling metal requires oil on the bit. Go slow.

The doors are well built and look great! Going for the first drive with them today I hope! Fresh snow in Arizona!

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