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LBR and BLR's 2006 Rhino

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This is our 2006 Rhino with stock suspension sporting a stock 06 Rotax 800 that's equipped with Muzzy's equal-length exhaust and the Digituner.....enjoy the collage.....Lance

The first picture is of me and my buds taking the stocker for it's last ride before the Rotax swap.....there was plenty of buds and I THINK I was driving.....

At the home shop swinging the 800 into place for the last time....I did this swap prior to the after-mart kit that is currently offered for this conversion....

We then trucked the completed swap over to Muzzy's in Bend, Oregon.....our car was the R&D prototype for this exaust system to be offered with the full swap kit mentioned above.....

This is a camera phone vid of the second startup......this is your mighty Rotax with equal-length head pipes (prolly same as the Commander's race exaust) prior to coupling the mufflers on......(the first startup scared the crap out of me and I shut it off ASAP.....:rofl:.....)

Found this set of stickers on-line.....let me know if interested and I'll dig into my archives and find where I got them at.....Our Rhino is a real sleeper up here in the Pacific NW, and these are the only give-away to anything special under the hood.....course the Pacific NW is full of illiterate duners (refer to picture #1)

Here's the torque/HP of the Rotax compared to a built Rhino engine...this was at Dunefest 2010 in Winchester Bay, Or. sled pulls in the Pro class...took first place.....:showoff:......

This was at Dunefest also.......the stock Rhinos driving forward will make it about even with the first tree.......:showoff::showoff:.......

So look forward to a lot of fun with the newly found power of your Rotax Commanders......we all will get our butts handed to us by other machines occassionally, but it ain't going to be by many for sure.....and certainly not by my Buds (refer to picture #1).......:rofl:...........Lance
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They are indeed amazing I have said before...if my new Commander is 25% better than my current Rhintax than I will be head over heels excited! that the Rhintax from up here?? I had never seen it, altho talking to RJ, sounded pretty nice, with work required, of course

Bob....that first pic reminds me of a chassis dad brought home when I was a wee one...put a B&S in it for putting in the woods....called a Tote-Goat......Lance
It did not look ANYTHING like that when I got it...I did all the work, cage, doors, mid travel, plastics, wheels,tires, carbon dash, etc..etc..., cleaned up the wiring, installed a Rilla through shaft, and CVTech clutch.

BUT...I did get a good deal on a Rhino chassis with the Rotax installed already..LOL
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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