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Little Ride Through The Wash

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Thought I would share a quick video I did from our annual Thanksgiving in the desert.

Video was taken in a wash about 10 miles from Alamo Lake, Arizona.

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Cool vid..glad to see you got to ride this year...
I'm going to have to goggle Alamo lake now

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That looks like a perfect place to ride. Can you ride all over or is it limited to the east of the lake?

Never been on the west side of the lake, however, you can ride everywhere as far as I know.

The nice part is that you have such a variety of riding out there, from washes, to canyons, to even some rock crawling.

Going to Havasu Dec 26-Jan 2. We will do this ride one of the days; Havasu to Alamo Lake. About 125-150 miles, round trip.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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