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I am sure all of you have been to forums where they have regional forums set up...heck I have done it on all of my sites in the past. Well wanting to get away from the norm, I came up with a little different approach to these types of forums. With that said, I have created individual groups for each State, you can find them by pulling down the 'Community' menu in the navbar and selecting 'Social Groups'

Essentially, each group is like a mini site, you can add photos, create discussions, reply to discussions, ect.

Can-Am Commander UTV Forums - Social Groups

Each group has member who maintains the group. Currently, I am shown on all the groups (since I created them), however, once we start getting members and traffic to the site I will begin asking for volunteers to manage their own State's group and then transfer it to that member.

These groups can be used for anything related to that particular State, members can coordinate rides, post events (as well as in the calendar), discuss State specific land issues, talk about dealer experiences, ect.

I am brainstorming on ways to display links to each group on the main page of the forums, so give me a little time.

In the meantime, feel free to join your States group, as always if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us. We hope that you will find this to be a worthwhile tool.

All the best! Staff::..

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