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Long Arm

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Whats are options and whats the pricing? Has anyone installed one yet? What company should I be looking into.
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I assume you are speaking of a long travel kit. Do you know what size kit you are looking for? What sort of riding do you do? Do the areas you ride in have a width restriction?

I am sure kits will be hitting the market quickly as the Commander is becoming more and more popular.

Some of the known suspension companies are FST, XMF, Racer Tech, Todds Cutom Billet, ect.

I have my Commander at A shop thats using it to make there long travel kit . They use a box arm not a tube arm an King shocks .
Im a duner, width is not a problem. I haul the Commander in my toy hauler. Im just looking to make it more stable. Thanks for the input..
comming soon from racertech long travel kits,well worth the wait,they make great stuff
I know HCR is coming out with a kit. Let me know if you want info.
I know HCR is coming out with a kit. Let me know if you want info.
What's the word with HCRs kit ?
It sounds like it will be another 2 weeks. They seem to be pushing in back for the xp like every other company is doing with products.
Well I just saw this on another site and figured it should get posted up. Looks to be pretty sweet. Do not have any specs yet but should have good info on it soon. I think they shot video of it this weekend so hopefully we will see that soon too.

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Nice....what's your guess on how much extra travel per side

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I think it was going to be a +6. But not for sure. Its HCR kit and I am working on getting more info right now.
I agree with you on the 6 ....sure looks like it wouldn't be any less, unless the wheel backspacing is throwing us a visual curveball ....Lance

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