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Let me start by saying I'm in no way affiliated with LSR other than being a grinning customer.

Had the LSR XTR kit and Elka Stage 4 shocks put on earlier this week and it's impressive. They claim 16" of wheel travel and I believe they are getting every bit of it. The set up is +- 0 in the front and +2 in the rear. The look is super clean with a fully boxed trailing arm. The kit includes complete axles and tie rod extensions. They do offer heavier tie rods but I prefer to break a tie rod over steering box.

First run was in 2' to 3' woops at 30-45 mphs and the set up performed really well. It makes you want to go faster to see how much this suspension can handle. The +6 kit adds the width this machine needs, the tippy feeling is gone and it feels like it's glued to the ground in the corners.

There are a couple adjustments you'll need to make to the X model. You'll need to cut about 5" off the stock front bumper that returns back towards the wheel. As with most LT kits you'll need to cut about 2" out of the rear fender for clearance.

The guys at LSR are great to deal with and very responsive.

Other than that it's full throttle full time!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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