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My New Commander

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This thing is so sweet, picked up mine (1000xt) Saturday the 18th around 3pm. I walked into the dealership (Corina Motor Sports) to find some information about when new stock would be available, and someone had ordered this one back in February and called every week to see then it would be in, but bad credit killed the deal. I walked in exactly at the right time, spoke to a salesman and he said he had one in stock. 40 minutes later it was on a trailer heading for my house. I ran it around the park by my house but still have not really been able to play with it too much, maybe this weekend. I need a trailer for it so if you know someone who has a good deal please send them to the forum and PM me. More later looking forward to talking to the forum…[email protected]
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Congrats man....we're all still waiting, waiting, waiting....and a hearty welcome to the site BTW........Lance
Hey there, congrats on the new machine and welcome to the site :wavespin: Look forward to seeing you around the site often, feel free to spread the word about us. When you get a chance, shoot some pictures :)

Man talk about Timing. Curious on what it cost you OTD?

A big welcome to the site....from the coast of Oregon...Barbara :)

Congrats for being in the right PLACE at the right LBR said we are still waiting for ours.....SOON some pics and ride reports!!!
Can you tell us how the transmission feels? Is it grabby/clunky when just starting out? They said the production units were fixed, but no one has confirmed it yet.
Welcome to the forum! sounds like good timing/luck for sure...but I'm a firm believer that we usually are responsible for out good luck!
Welcome to the forum Racermutt!...I think that you should go out and buy a lottery ticket,you sure have great luck...Cheers!
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