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First of all, I didn't take any pictures or video. I figured there is so many pictures and video out there it would've been redundant. Plus trying to hold a camera in one hand and ripping it up was just to hard for me.

This was at the ATV Jamboree in Eager Arizona. It was about a 5 hour drive up there. Eager is located in the White Mountains and is about 7000 feet in elevation. The Temperature was about 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It was absolutely beautiful. I went there with my Dad for a little getaway.

I test drove 2 models of the Commander. They were both 1000XT models. The X was there but it had a tore cv boot and was unable to drive it. I also rode the Renegade and the DS 450. The Can-am rep who I spoke to was Tracy, and he was a really nice and informative guy. I also got to meet Bill Nash who is one of the head honcho's for Ride Now Powersports, also a cool dude.

Tracy gave me a quick overview of the Commander. I asked him where the track was at and he pointed to a huge field to my east and said have at it. This field had a fast trail around the perimeter and the interior had everything that I wanted in it. From steep hills to soft dirt, and even rocks. I really got to put it through the test. I had no time limit and there was no one even watching us. I could give it as much gas as I wanted and beat on it just as hard. It was total freedom to do what I wanted. I've seen and heard how other demo rides were very restrictive and they monitored and guided your every turn. This was absolutely not the case for us.

The power was awesome. I felt no lack in low end grunt. I could steer it using the gas at any speed below 15 mph. The steering felt very good. It was not hard for me at all. Even in 4x4 low I had no issues. The steering did feel a bit light at high speed above 50 mph. I then tried it in 4x4 high and the steering felt so much better. It felt like it was on rails in 4x4 high. The suspension was awesome. It was so soft and smooth going through all the slow speed technical stuff. It never felt tipsy in both slow and high speed maneuvering. I'm about 6 foot tall and 220 pounds, and my Dad is about the same size. I asked my Dad to let me try it out without him. When he got out, it felt like I just installed a turbo. The thing flat out hauled balls. Remember guys, this test ride was at about 7000 feet elevation. When I get mine at about 1500 feet elevation, it will be much much better. I know it's fuel injected and some will say it won't make a difference. I will tell you it absolutely does make a difference. If you have less air, you will make less power. If you run a turbo then you won't have this issue because it's forced air. When I took my Outlander 800 up into the Mountains my power was always zapped. So neatness to say, I can't wait to get the beast down closer to sea level. The fit and finish was great. They really took their time putting this thing together. The seating was great, and both of us were very comfortable. I did feel some heat coming from the engine. It was coming out of the area where shifter is at. I did feel the clunk in the clutch when starting out. It was kinda grabby if you just barely touch the gas. I think the problem is that the clutch is set up to grab the belt at about 100 rpm's to high. If they drop it down I think this issue will be completely gone. The Rep said the production model won't be like that, I hope he's right because that's really my only complaint. I know now that I will be very happy with my purchase.

I also tested a Polaris RZR-s while I was there. I test drove it after I rode the Commander. The power difference was amazing. For my driving style the Commander was sooooo much better. I think maybe if I was a UTV race driver and had the skill to push these machines to the extreme maybe the RZR would handle better at high speed. The Steering felt very very light and the steering wheel was about half as hard to turn as the Commander. I can now see why people say the Commanders steering is very stiff if you drove a RZR going to a Commander. It felt way too twitchy at high speed and I couldn't get a feel as to where the front tires were at. It did feel a lot better at low speed. The suspension was very stiff and I could feel every bump. I did notice that The Commander was on the softest setting and didn't check the setting on the RZR-s. Maybe they just had it set up for fast runs and had the suspension stiff. I did test it with and without my Dad. With my Dad the power was horrible. I can see why the RZR guys beg for a bigger engine. The RZR would be soooooo much better with a 1000 rotax in it. Overall I liked the Polaris and thought they were very nice and look like they are a lot of fun. The Commander just made me feel like they built it just for me, and I'm happy with my choice. The Renegade and the DS 450 were freaking awesome. I had to get off the DS 450 before I killed myself. I can't believe how powerful that thing is. I swear I could throw a wheelie in third gear. Anyway, I had a great time at the event. I don't know what else to tell you guys. If you have any questions, let me know.

I also took a measuring tape, and now I know it'll fit on my 5x8 trailer!!! Yeepeee!!!:)
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I also took a measuring tape, and now I know it'll fit on my 5x8 trailer!!! Yeepeee!!!:)
Huh...and you doubted me...good review if the dam'd things would just get here!!!
Yeah Yeah, I know, but it's like someone telling you how cute a girl is without seeing her. You just have to see for yourself. :) I asked the Rep when they were coming in. He said the XT's will be here by the end of the month, and the X next month. He also said all of the accessories should be showing up with them. Man I can't wait!!
Ok Xelvic, that's its, I was just starting to relax after a long day at work, having a brewski :giggle: just got home 11:30pm. read your dang post and now I'm pissed :furious: cause I'm thing about that damn X....:rofl: :):giggle:

By the way great review...:):):)
Great review Xelvic.Its nice to read a review when a person has a chance to drive both the Commander and the Rzr.Thanks for sharing your experience with us....Cheers!
Great Review. I like that you had the opertunity to drive both the Commander and the RZRs without a trail guide. Now you know for sure what model you like better.

Yeah, great review Jordan...and times two on the trailer fitment and brand comparisons.....just be careful what and where you post......:).......Lance
Yeah, great review Jordan...and times two on the trailer fitment and brand comparisons.....just be careful what and where you post......:).......Lance
Hmmmmm, whatever do you mean???? Ya I know, it does feel weird. :(
Thanks so much for sharing Jordan, one of these years I am going to make that ATV Jamboree, seems like I am always out of town around that time. I have talked to others who have done it and they have stated the riding and scenery is amazing.

I know, next year I'll have something to ride while I'm there. From what I hear they have some really good trails.
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