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How many of you have a problem with cab heat off the engine in the cammander

  • way to much heat

    Votes: 67 58.8%
  • not ok with

    Votes: 20 17.5%
  • ok with

    Votes: 25 21.9%
  • no heat

    Votes: 2 1.8%
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I ride in nevada during the summer where the temps hit anywhere from 95 to 110. When I first got mine the heat off the engine made my right leg feel like it was burning and the heat coming through the shifter was unreal. I put the k&t blackbox in mine like mcmantim and now you dont even hardly notice the heat. The fan kicks on at 1 bar on the temp gauge and runs most of the time I am riding but the can am never gets hotter than 2 bars. Its definately a noticeable difference.
Where can I get this done? I recently purchased a commander 800r and the heat from the center is ridiculous
41 - 43 of 43 Posts