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TurnKey UTV Can Am Commander gauge and switch panels. All TurnKey UTV products are made in the U.S.A. using only the highest grade materials available. Our new gauge and switch panels give users an easy and affordable solution to adding additional gauges or switches to there Can Am Commander. The panels are computer designed and CNC cut from high grade light weight aluminum. Our panels will accommodate 2 1/16” gauges and Contura rocker switches. Panel is secured in place using four black allen head pan screws and stainless steel lock nuts. Our new panels match the opening in the Commanders dash board giving them a factory look. The panels are available in 5 different variations to accommodate various applications. All panels are powder coated for durability and come in two standard colors, yellow which matches the body of the Commander and texture black which matches the Commander roll cage.

Price per panel: $19.95+ shipping.
Panel price does not include gauges or switches.

Our Carling Contura switches match the factory Commander switches and come back lite in amber. Contura marine switches are the highest quality available and can withstand temperature fluctuations from - 40 F. to 185f. Contura switches are completely protected against dust and submersion in water. We offer the complete Contura switch line to match your application.

Complete switch assembly and harness ready plug
$8.95 per switch

Panels are in stock and are ready to ship.

When ordering please pay close attention to part number, we have 10 variations.




CDPVAR2-B This panel shows the momentary switches & the plugs we offer







All panels are in stock & ready to ship. All in stock items ship same day.
Call: 775-283-9950

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I was wondering when someone would utilize that space. Only Charlie Manson came up with something so far and hes not a Vendor.
Those Panels are very sweet there and extremely well priced... Ill order when I get my Oil Cooler Kit with Remote Filter, so I can have oil temp and pressure, with extra switches for my Whip and LightBar.
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