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Hey folks

I have a 2013 commander limited. New to me with 2000 km on it. Wife was driving today on flat ground and when she would let off the throttle there was a clunking/clicking noise. I went and picked her up and drove it. Was going 20 km/h and let off and a clunk. Then I accelerated wide open and never herd it again. Any ideas what it was or is ? Suppose to go on a big run and don’t want to be the one being towed out. Drove another 20 min no problem. Almost sounded like it wasn’t fully engagged in gear. It has a brand new maverick belt on it.

Help is appreciated



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Check the rear driveline from tranny to rearend...especially the yoke to transmission area.

If the noise is more prominent when turning rather than straight, check all of the rear CV joints for tightness.
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