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NEW primary and secondary bolts that wont stretch and break

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hey guys i have already mentioned them, but here are pictures. you all say razordaves pix of his secondary bolt stretched out. here is a primary that i took out this weekend. notice how it is stretched. these new bolts i have wont stretch or break, equivelent to a grade 13, nearly twice as hard as a grade 8 bolt! these new bolts use a metric allen. you can buy metric allen impact sockets at most any sears, or most any auto parts store!

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in the mud racing community i see it almost daily. folks who dive in and install clutch kits, and overtorque the primary and secondary bolts risk them stretching.
they are a tension bolt, designed to stretch a certain amount, when overtorqued they will distort and more often that not, break. the primary bolt pictured shows where it was stretched. i can not guarantee it, but i will bet a dollar to a hundred that if that bolt was used again, it would have broken.
That is one reason to never use an impact gun to tighten these clutches.....use a torque wrench only.......I posted a few vids to help peeps understand these clutches, and I cringe everytime I see him use that damned impact gun!!....the gun also transmits those impact impulses through to the crankshaft and case to possibly negatively alter the crankshaft thrust would anyone pound on the end of a car engine crankshaft with a sledge hammer? It will damage the main thrust bearing......impact guns have their uses, but this isn't one of them IMO.....Lance
What type of tool do you have to hold your clutch in order to torque the bolt. This has been my problem trying to hold it and torque it. Is there one I can buy?
I finally had to buy a couple of BRP specific tools for my cam chains/guides project and thought I would price a few others at the same time........glad I did and the tools are built super heavy duty and were affordable, 2 clutch tools included....I'm sure the tools are BRP exclusives, so price them out @ your dealer.....I couldn't find them in the aftermart anywhere....will snap and post a picture of the tools for all to see.....I could prolly trace the 2 clutch tools (their just big spanner wrenches) and fax to you to build?? (hot idea?)

Before then, I used screwdrivers, bolts, drifts, blocks of wood and the bible hoping I wouldn't break something on the primary or secondary.......whew, no more sweating it out now.......Lance
I torque my ///Airdam studs with a impact... I simply go brrrrrrrrpppppp, brrrp, brrrp, brrrp.... Works every time... LoL
I torque my ///Airdam studs with a impact... I simply go brrrrrrrrpppppp, brrrp, brrrp, brrrp.... Works every time... LoL
Shhhh!.....just between us, if an impact is used properly, prolly OK.....

but 90 out of 100 men think "Tim the Tool Man" is how to use an impact gun and can create themselves more problems that using hand tools.....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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