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Hi All,
I am totally new here. So new I don't even own a SXS yet.

I have an eye on a 2014 Commander 800.
it has approx 7000 miles on it.
Looks VERY well cared for. Orig owner.
Supposedly needs nothing but a new owner.

Any know issues with this year and model I should know about or look at?

I know this is a Can Am site but I am comparing this Can Am Commander to a 2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000. Similar $$$ and similar miles and super
nice condition. Two sets of wheels. Same addons pretty much.

Any takes on the two of these?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff B In Maine

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When the Commander came out in 2011, they were plagued with the rearend design and subsequently got updated....this 14 your looking should have the upgraded rear.....when you drive it, make sure it doesn't have a whine sound from the rear (the belt/clutches do make a similar sound, but is normal) ...other than that, it is a great platform. As you are aware of with 7K miles, anything can be ready to catch you off guard tho.

I don't have any experience with the Wildcats....but if you join us over at the owner's sister site,, there may be a few Wildcat owners that can advise you on that part of your question...good luck with your new machine, whichever one you choose...
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