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LBR and I went out to the dunes on Saturday & we ended up meeting a few other riders out there from Canada....Had a blast riding with them..They had a built Rhino and built RZR, new reny 800 & Lance had the Rhintax & poor little ol me had my little blaster:(....

here is a vid of the 3 racing up new comp...

Rhintax is on the left...:)


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Ouch!! Well, at least he has a Rotax. :)
Nooo...:confused:.....our Rotax is the one on the left and set the bar for the other rigs....

Mark's Rhino on the right was pretty much a maxed-out 686 Rhino engine, except he blew up his dry clutch earlier in the week and was forced to run a power-sucking wet clutch that day....that hurt him alot, so his tune was way off and would have been a closer matchup IMO.....

The RZR was a full-on custom build and was a very well known UTV aftermart company's project RZR that they had sold to ran very strong with bighorns on all 4 corners....if he had paddles on, I think he could have been walking on me slightly......Lance
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