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Hello All,

It's been awhile since I was last here. I bought a new Commander X back in 2012. It has never had a single problem until recently. I was on my way over to a neighbor to get my plow welded on when it just stalled and quit running. Each time I pushed the start button, it would try to start but didn't. It acted very much like it wasn't getting fuel. I didn't even think at this point to look on the screen for an error code. I just thought it was out of gas, which it was near empty. I filled it with premium (as I have since I bought it), but it acted the same. My neighbor who is a diesel mechanic by trade came over to help, and he agreed, so we towed it back to my garage. I went online and looked up the fuel pump, $270.00! This was for the entire assembly. I found that I could just order the pump motor itself from parts suppliers for $40, so I did and changed it out. No change. My neighbor came back over and was sitting in the driver's seat pushing the start button when he noticed the PPS Fault error code. Doh! Silly me. I learned online that PPS likely stands for Pedal Position Sensor and that this error can often be caused by a low battery. I installed dual batteries when I bought it, the second battery being an Odyssey AGM. I put it on a charge overnight. Still no change. I looked all through the manual for the part number for the PPS sensor to no avail. The sensor is mounted right on the gas pedal. I found them online for $50, but the pictures show something similar but different than the one I have. Which is why I am here now. There really is very little online (that I have found) about the PPS sensor. Finally, I went to the dealership where I bought my Can Am thinking they would know. I was wrong. I watched as they went through the same process as I did searching for the sensor/part number and couldn't find it. They said they had never heard of it and no one had ever come in with this problem. Note that at this point the "certified mechanic" has joined the manager/owner in the discussion. They even said at one point that they thought I was wrong, and there was no such thing as a PPS or PPS error code and that there wasn't a sensor down on the gas pedal! Seriously! They thought that I was confused and likely describing the throttle body sensor. I pulled the sensor out of my pocket and showed it to them and assured them that I had pulled it off the gas pedal bracket. I also assured them that my LCD screen was showing "PPS Fault Error!" About then I got an idea and asked them to look up the gas pedal. Sure enough it was an assembly! Even the owners manual page that showed the entire harness of sensors did not list this sensor. At that point I lost all confidence in this dealership. The only way you will find it in the manual is looking at the gas pedal. It is $280! They also said I would likely need to bring it in to have the sensor calibrated on their computer. I have not found anything on this thus far but an hoping you folks can help me out. So again, there are several sites that show the PPS sensor alone for $50, but the pictures the sites have show a different looking sensor, perhaps off a different model, engine, etc.

I tell this long story so others don't make the same mistakes that I have thus far. And also that there are dealers out there that quite frankly have no business being a dealership, at least certified repair/parts centers.

So, can anyone point me to a page/thread where this is accurately discussed and where I might purchase the right sensor? Also, is there anything else I should look at that might cause this problem/error code? One thing I noticed is that when I unplugged and re-plugged in the sensor when it was still mounted to the pedal, it usually would run for about 10-15 seconds, more than when I don't do this before shutting off/stalling. My commander has always been garaged and looks like brand new. It has never been ridden hard or been through water. I plow snow with it, a lot, as I live at 3,000' on the U.S./CA border, and I get firewood with it in the fall.

Thanks for any assist,

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