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Guess I bough the right one.

2012 Commander XT.

The best multiple purpose SxS on the market. And by the looks of it does do bad in head to head competition either.

Thanks for posting the other video.
No problem I pride myself being able to see All the new Side x sides in action and reviewing them before most others in the country I love my job hee hee but not as much as you like your commander!!!

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Thanks for the welcome to the forum. I've been around reading everything I can about the Commanders. These forums are great for learning about what to do and what products seem to work. Also, which vendors to trust and truly offer the service that keeps us wanting to come back.

My Commander is at Turnkey right now getting LT, elka4, and lots of other stuff added. I decided that instead of sourcing from lots of different vendors to trust this vendor due to the response I've seen on the forums and my personal discussions. Adam is very service oriented and it's really nice to get someone to answer the phone on the other end instead of some machine, hoping that you'll get a call back.

I'll post pictures when I get it back. Hopfully the end of January.

You guys & gals (BLR) are great, keep that info. flowing.
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